Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Most recent meeting 24th Oct- University of Winchester

Hi everyone,

Just a quick message to note the success of the first meeting.

Conversations over coffee
A warm up involving running across a room with your eyes closed
Conversations about car crashes and baby yoga
A writing exercise about digression and footnotes
Lunch and more conversations
A sharing of work from Katherina Radeva: Conversations about boxes, walls, and stories.
A sharing of Work from Phil Stanier: Conversations about the best place to stand when cutting a ribbon, loops, and endings that are not endings.

Thanks to all!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Meeting Sunday 24th October - University of Winchester

Hi Everyone,

The first official meeting of A34 is this Sunday 24th Oct, at the University of Winchester.

The day will begin at 10:30 with arrivals and welcome, for an 11:00 start of workshops. The afternoon will include the sharing of works in progress and discussion till 17:00.

Please meet at the reception of the university at 10:30 to be collected and taken to the spaces we will use for the day.

Workshops and works in progress will be run and shown by Katerina Radeva and Philip Stanier.



Monday, October 4, 2010

minutes from the first meeting on 30 September 2010

Dear A34 participants,

thank you very much for coming down to the Railway pub in Winchester. It was great to meet and greet.

Here is a brief outline of how the network/group will run.

We will meet once every two months on a Sunday and we will spend the day as follows
10:30-1pm- workshop or skill swap session
1-2pm- lunch
2-4pm- showing of work
4-5pm- discussion of the work and any other agenda of the group.

The first day will be on Sunday 24th October at the University of Winchester where we have a studio space booked.

We will move from town to town in the south east/south west region for every meeting.

The following meeting will be on Sunday 12 December in Basingstoke- exact venue to be confirmed

Till then,

spread the word,
Katherina and Philip